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Issue: # 6
October 2009
Your Support Counts
CABA Relies on Membership Participation

Welcome to the Centennial Airport Business Association's October Newsletter!  It has been quite a busy summer and our committees are continuing to push forward thanks to our board of trustees, but more so thanks to our membership.  Please keep in mind that we are always looking for people to help us in our endeavors by participating on committees, writing newsletter articles, bringing forward important news and events, and attending our meetings. Contact us at any time to start becoming a part of CABA and to join one of our many committees, which include:

- Colorado Airports
- Operations, Safety, and Security
- Community Outreach
- Education
- Schedulers and Dispatchers
- Membership
- Communications
If anyone is interested in joining or participating in these committees please contact Brittany Davies at bdavies@mycaba.org or David Purvis at dpurvis@mycaba.org.
CABA's Q4 Membership Meeting - Save the date!
November 11th, 4:00pm - Location TBA
We are having our 4th Quarter Membership meeting, and you are invited to join us. We have an excellent speaker lined up and will have some exciting developments to discuss with you as we work to enhance our website and also grow our association to incorporate more of the Colorado aviation community.

Jodie Brown of Summit Solutions will be speaking.  Here is a short profile of Jodie's background:

Jodie Brown, M.A.
Jodie is founder and president of Summit Solutions. She brings over a decade of business aviation experience and more than twenty-five years of business consulting, leadership and managerial training experience with universities, government and Fortune 100 companies.

With a background in Management Information Systems, doctoral work in organization communication, corporate mediation and business aviation, Jodie brings her expertise to clients, enabling them to successfully manage their growth and changing business needs

Jodie has served as Associate Dean and Instructor at the University of Denver, and Director of Professional Development Programs at the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder. She has worked with both High Tech firms and business aviation clients and taught as adjunct faculty at the University of Colorado Business School's Division of Continuing Education.

Please plan to join us as we wrap up another great year and look towards next years exciting growth and evolution.
CABA's 2009-2010 Session Goals
Important Session Goal Needs Membership Participation

CABA has recently sent a comprehensive update to our membership, summarizing achievements to date and outlining goals for the remainder of the 2009-2010 session.  As a member of CABA, you benefit from each and every accomplishment we have as an association, and have the ability to participate in, and have a direct effect on, those accomplishments.

One of our most important and recent developments could directly impact you, and we are now asking for your participation and input as we evaluate it.

Many of our active constituents have asked us to elevate our organization, and evolve into the Colorado Aviation Business Association.  To evaluate this, we've created the Colorado Aviation Business Association Exploratory Committee ("CABAEC"), to be chaired by Iver Retrum.  The committee is charged with the assessment and evaluation of the idea and potential implementation of this evolution. If there is substantial support to move forward, this committee will be responsible for holding of a comment period and referendum vote, developing a formal proposal to be submitted to the membership, and developing the structure and formal reorganization of the CABA bylaws. 

The first CABAEC meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, October 27th, 1:30 pm at the SunBorne Companies. If you are interested in participating in this committee, please contact Iver at iretrum@mycaba.org or 303.708.8590 to RSVP.

Responses to USA Today and Today Show
Bias Stories Draw Responses from Local Aviation Community

Most of us have read or seen the articles and news stories in USA Today and on the Today show about the expense of operating General Aviation Airports in our communities.  As we can all agree, these stories are misguided, unrealistic, and downright hurtful to those of us that work, and often live, within the aviation community and who's livelihood is dependent on community airfields and the businesses they support.

The following links are to responses made to these stories from within our Colorado aviation community. Thanks to Kenny Maenpa of Rocky Mountain Metro Airport and the Colorado Airport Operators Association for their tireless efforts in combating the negative media coverage we have all fallen victim to.

RMMA Response to USA Today Article
NBAA Accepting Applications for Schedulers & Dispatchers Scholarship and Training Awards
Deadline is Approaching Fast

The NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee is dedicated to promoting education and training as a means for individuals to increase the professionalism of their positions.

To further this objective, NBAA in conjunction with various sponsors offers a number of educational scholarship and training award opportunities annually.  Over $40,000 for scholarships and numerous training opportunities are available.

Applications and additional information are available at: http://web.nbaa.org/public/education/scholarships/

Applications can be printed and faxed or mailed in, and need to be signed by the applicant.  Applications must be received by NBAA on or before October 30, 2009. Scholarship recipients will be announced at theNBAA 20th Annual S&D Conference, to be held from Jan 27 - 29, 2010, in San Antonio, Texas. http://web.nbaa.org/public/cs/sdc/2010

NBAA wish's a warm welcome for 2010 to their newest sponsors and
greatly appreciate the contributions, support and partnership of their long time sponsors in giving opportunity to up and coming Schedulers and Dispatchers.

New FAA System Improves Safety in Remote Non-radar Areas
Wide-Area Multilateration Improvements in Colorado 
A new surveillance system introduced by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Colorado allows air traffic controllers to track aircraft not covered by radar in remote, mountainous regions.

"The new system, called Wide-Area Multilateration, lets us see aircraft we couldn't see before due to the rugged terrain," said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. "It improves the safety and efficiency of those flights and saves time and money for passengers and operators."

The FAA and the Colorado Department of Transportation are sharing the cost of Wide-Area Multilateration, which began initial operations on Sept. 12 at Yampa Valley-Hayden, Craig-Moffat, Steamboat Springs and Garfield County Regional-Rifle Airports. The mountains in those areas are popular ski destinations but make radar coverage impossible because radar signals cannot pass through solid objects.

The resulting flight limitations are compounded by seasonal bad weather, which causes flight delays and cancellations. The Colorado Department of Transportation estimates an average of 75 aircraft are delayed each day at remote airports from November to April.

The new system is comprised of a network of relatively small sensors deployed in remote areas. The sensors send out signals that are received and sent back by aircraft transponders. No other aircraft equipment is required. System computers are able to determine the precise location of aircraft by triangulating the time and distance measurements of those signals. Controllers are able to see those aircraft on their screens as if they were radar targets.

Wide-Area Multilateration (WAM) is being used in the near term while the FAA rolls out Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), the satellite-based surveillance system that will be fully deployed nationwide by 2013. WAM will then serve as a backup to ADS-B in the event of a GPS outage and provide an additional source of traffic broadcast to properly equipped aircraft.

Under the joint cost-sharing agreement, the Colorado DOT paid for the equipment, physical site preparations, power and telecommunications for the new system. The FAA will operate and maintain the system, eventually upgrading it with ADS-B.

The FAA will monitor how the system works at the four Colorado airports to determine further deployment.
Safe Passage Day a Success
Inaugural Event Draws from Community Participation
On October 6th, Safe Passage held its first "Safe Passage Day" at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.  The event marks the inauguration of a movement to involve individuals from the airport, law enforcement, emergency response,  and local community in day to day aircraft operations, promoting best practices in Safety, along with Medical and Security Contingency planning. 

"Our meeting enabled the aircraft operators and the entire airport community to have face to face discussions regarding what emergency issues we might encounter and how best to facilitate each other in prevention and cooperative responses," says Mike Turner of Safe Passage. "We've dispelled the myth that we can't defend our flight operations. We discussed and demonstrated how we as a community are fully capable of preventing and responding to security incidents. Aircraft operators were encouraged to apply what they learned at the event to potential issues at other destination airports by making flight assessments and considering appropriate contingency plans for each destination."
For those who are interested in seeing the material that was handed out at the event or if you'd like to learn more about hosting a Safe Passage day at your airport, please go to www.4safepassage.com or contact Mike Turner at mturner@mycaba.org.
CABA Needs Your Help
Submit an Article for our Newsletter

Do you have something to say?  CABA is looking for some help with the newsletter!  We need people that are willing to aid the communications committee in compiling the newsletter and gathering fresh news for our community.  If interested please respond to Brittany Davies at bdavies@mycaba.org.

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