Legislative Involvement

CABA’s goal is to be a voice for the business and general aviation industry in Colorado. One of our top priorities as an organization is to be educated and involved in matters affecting our members, especially the business aviation community in Colorado who make up the majority of our organization.

Our goal is to be a collective voice on behalf of our members, speaking to local, regional and state officials. Working closely with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), CABA has had a positive impact on a local level by communicating the value we bring our communities. 

Past Legislative Actions

Denver Metroplex Meeting

Unlawfully Aiming Laser Device at Aircraft

·     CABA-Backed Bill passed into Law effective July 1st 2023. Creating a Class 6 felony in the state of Colorado and helping to further to protect Colorado pilots and air crews. 

Pathway to Replacement of 100LL

·     While the CABA-back legislation died on the calendar before making it to appropriations. CABA remains committed to helping to meet the industry goal of moving to a reliable, and safe unleaded fuel that can replace the current 100LL aviation fuel. 

UPDATE: CABA remains committed to helping provide a legislative pathway in which to provide operators with a quick and smooth transition from leaded fuels, as soon as unleaded fuel technologies are certified and become available to operators. This effort remains a key focus for CABA during the upcoming 2024 Colorado Legislative Session. 

COVID 19 Support

  • Worked to support Colorado aviation business and pilots during the COVID 19 lock downs. Worked with Governors office on importance of continued flight operations and training. Highlighted the importance of aviation during a global pandemic through a coordinated delivery of 400,000 cloth FEMA masks to more than 40 Colorado Airports through a mask lift with CABA, and Angel Flight West pilots. 

Drone Interference with Public Safety

·      After numerous incidents of fire fighting efforts and air medical services being delayed or stopped completely do to drone activity in the area. This CABA-backed bill created a misdemeanor for interfering with public safety operations with a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). This Colorado bill then made its way to DC when Colorado State Senator introduced and passed this legislation federally based on the efforts here in Colorado.  

Requested Published RNP-AR for RNAV 12L Approach at BJC

·         Letter and email sent to FAA with request

Involvement with FAA on the Proposed Changes under Denver Metroplex

  • CABA has an open and ongoing dialogue with the FAA, NBAA and local pilot groups to help facilitate the best possible airspace design changes under the Denver Metroplex project.

Opposition to House Bill HB 4441

  • Letter campaign to Colorado Senate and House leaders
  • Email to members to “Contact Congress” through NBAA website
  • Calls by CABA Board Members to Colorado Senate and House leaders
  • Press Release to Colorado news media voicing opposition to HR 4441

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